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Ryan Preece 2023 Wonder Bread

1:64 C412365WODPR

1:24 ARC C412323WODPR

1:24 ARC Colour Chrome C412323WODPRCL *Pre-Order Only

1:24 RCCA ELITE C412322WODPR *Pre-Order Only


Chase Briscoe 2023 Old Spice

1:64 C142365OLSCJ

1:24 ARC C142323OLSCJ

1:24 ARC Colour Chrome C142323OLSCJCL *Pre-Order Only

1:24 RCCA ELITE C142322OLSCJ *Pre-Order Only

Ryan Preece & Chase Briscoe 2023 Talladega 1:64 Set *Pre-Order Only


Ryan Blaney 2023 Pennzoil Menard Talladega Win

1:64 W122365PZMRBJ

1:24 ARC W122323PZMRBJ

1:24 RCCA ELITE W122322PZMRBJ *Pre-Order Only


Brett Moffitt 2023 Talladega Win

1:64 W342365FR8BMJ

1:24 ARC W342324FR8BMJ


William Byron 2023 Liberty University Texas Win

1:64 W242365LIBWBG

1:24 ARC W242323LIBWBG

1:24 ELITE W242362LIBWBG *Pre-Order Only


Hailey Deegan 2023 America’s Navy

1:64 T132365AMNHD

1:24 ARC T132324AMNHD



Kevin Harvick 2023 Rheem Chasing a Cure

1:64 CX42365RHTKH

1:24 ARC CX42323RHTKH

1:24 Colour Chrome CX42323RHTKHCL *Pre-Order Only

1:24 RCCA ELITE CX42322RHTKH *Pre-Order Only



Kyle Petty 1987 Citgo Coca-Cola 600 Win

1:24 ARC W212321CITKPM *Pre-Order Only


Kamui Kobayashi 2023 Toyota Genuine Parts

1:64 C672365TOYKA

1:24 ARC C672323TOYKA

1:24 ARC Colour Chrome C672323TOYKACL *Pre-Order Only

1:24 RCCA Elite C672322TOYKA *Pre-Order Only



Chris Buescher 2023 Travel Centers of America

1:64 C172365TRACH

1:24 ARC C172323TRACH

1:24 ARC Colour Chrome C172323TRACHCL *Pre-Order Only

1:24 RCCA ELITE C172322TRACH *Pre-Order Only



William Byron 2023 By HP

1:64 C242365HPWB

1:24 ARC C242323HPWB

1:24 ARC Colour Chrome C242323HPWBCL*Pre-Order Only

1:24 RCCA ELITE C242322HPWB *Pre-Order Only



Kevin Harvick 2023 Busch Light Hunt

1:64 CX42365BLHKH

1:24 ARC CX42323BLHKH

1:24 RCCA ELITE CX42322BLHKH *Pre-Order Only



Aric Almirola 2023 iHop

1:64 C102365IHPAA

1:24 ARC C102323IHPAA *Pre-Order Only

1:24 ARC Colour Chrome C102323IHPAACL *Pre-Order Only

1:24 RCCA C102322IHPAA *Pre-Order Only



Hailie Deegan 2024 Viva Tequila Seltzer

1:24 ARC N152423VIVHD


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